How to build Amap from source, for Windows XP, using Cygwin

Monday, 26 May 2008

Here's a rough guide to building Amap 5.2 from source code for windows users. I've been playing with this rather old tool recently and noticed that the web update functionality is broken due to a change of location for the update files. I decided to patch the source and thought it might be helpful to knock-up a quick build guide in the process. If you have any issues with any of the steps herein, mail me (jah) and let me know.

Install Cygwin.

On top of the default cygwin installation, you'll need to install the following packages (selecting these will add other required packages):

  • "Utils/diffutils" diffutils-2.8.7-1.tar.bz2
  • "Devel,Libs/openssl" openssl-0.9.8g-1.tar.bz2
  • "Devel,Libs/openssl-devel" openssl-devel-0.9.8g-1.tar.bz2
  • "Devel/gcc-core" gcc-core-3.4.4-3.tar.bz2
  • "Devel/make" make-3.81-2.tar.bz2

If you intend to patch the source code as described below you'll need:

  • "Utils/patch" patch-2.5.8-9.tar.bz2

Get AMAP source code and patch it.

Build AMAP source

$ ./configure
$ make

Create a folder to hold the compiled amap files:

$ mkdir amap-5.2
$ cd amap-5.2/
$ cp ../amap.exe .
$ cp ../amapcrap.exe .
$ cp ../appdefs.trig .
$ cp ../appdefs.rpc .
$ cp ../appdefs.resp .
$ cp /bin/cygwin1.dll .
$ cp /bin/cygssl-0.9.8.dll .
$ cp /bin/cygcrypto-0.9.8.dll .
$ ln -s amap amap6
$ cd ..
$ logout

Update the trigger and response files

Open a Windows Command Prompt and:

C:\> cd \Cygwin\home\<Username>\amap-5.2\amap-5.2
C:\amap-5.2> amap -W -D ./appdef

That's it! The folder at \Cygwin\home\<Username>\amap-5.2\amap-5.2 now contains all you need to run amap on Windows and can be moved to wherever you see fit.